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Our Founder Mr. P.Murali started this company in 1983 as propritorship firm in the name Lakshmi Associates

Mr. P. Murali, Managing Director, with more than 15 year experience, has gained reputation as a person of proven skill that the job demands.

After Murali’s Dismiss his wife Mrs. Murali has taken up the business in the year 2005, and she has proved her skill in this field, She was also known for her quality job. She was also the only lady entrepreneur in this field of construction chemicals application.

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The company was established in the year 1995 by Mr.P. Murali, with an aim to render complete solutions to residential, commercial as well as industrial organizations, based all over the nation. Under his guidance, our firm has set benchmarks of quality and excellence in the industry of Waterproofing and Flooring Solutions.

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Lakshmi Murali
Finance Director

Mrs. Lakshmi Murali handles the finance and administration department. Her zeal has helped in molding a young, dedicated and competitive workforce.

Subishwar Murali
Executive Director

Mr. Subishwar Murali is young visionary with a penchant for creating businesses that deliver consistent results.

He brings to the table innovative ideas and strategies to keep pace with a growing and challenging market.

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